Working At Ideasie

Our Work Culture

We operate a strict employee first policy. It is our belief that happy employees make the best team members. There are no strict targets at Ideasie, rather incentives to bring your best.

Our 50/50 policy

While many employers inist on bringing 110% to the table, we at Ideasie disagree. No one should live to work. If you are dedicating 50% to your job, you're already giving more than enough. Keep a healthy home life so that you can have a happy work life.

Staff Benefits

There are perks to working at Ideasie! From discounts on travel and big brands, to support for your mental well-being.


As part of your induction into Ideasie, you will be given everything you need to perform your Ideasie duties. Since much of our work at Ideasie is remote, we will provide you with what you need to work from home. This usually includes a laptop for completing your day-to-day duties, and an iPad and Apple Pencil for assisting any design work.
This devices will be yours to look after, maintain, and ultimately keep as long as you work for Ideasie for 12 months or more. They are for your personal use as much as for work use.

(There is a short probation period before you are given your own equipment, and if your employment lasts less than 12 months the equipment must be returned to Ideasie.)

You'll also be given Ideasie business cards, your own phone extension which you can use on your own mobile phone, and an Ideasie ID card.
As you can probably tell, every new member of Ideasie represents a huge investment for us.

Open Positions

We aren't currently hiring... sorry.

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